RMRS research social scientist Chris Armatas talked about methods for a public engagement process that provides participants with a thought-provoking exercise about their assigned importance to public land.

Forest planning and management efforts, including both forest plan revision and comprehensive river management planning, require extensive public engagement. Social science approaches that are practically applied by practitioners within the public engagement process are limited. Armatas and colleagues have developed a "social vulnerability" protocol focused on peoples’ human-nature relationships that can support both decision-making and public relations.

In this short webinar Armatas:

•Introduced the public engagement protocol

•Provided selected results from application of this protocol on the Gila National Forest and the Flathead Wild and Scenic River system

•Discussed potential benefits of this approach for planning efforts

•Took questions and feedback

Media Record Details

May 7, 2020
Christopher A. Armatas
Human Dimensions of Fire Management