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Forest Service Review of Wildfire and Salvage Logging

Author(s): Susan G. Conard, Richard L. Everett, Susan Husari, Alan E. Harvey, Gordon H. Reeves, James M. Saveland, Phil Weatherspoon, Robert R. Ziemer
Year Published: 1995

This is a summary of comments by Forest Service reviewers of the Beschta, et al. paper, "Wildfire and Salvage Logging". The paper was reviewed by a diverse and highly qualified group of Forest Service researchers and managers with expertise in a broad range of disciplines pertinent to the subject presented. Thus, the reviews present a wide range of perspectives, philosophies, and opinions related to forest ecosystems and their management. For a full range of viewpoints, the reader is encouraged to read the individual reviews attached to this summary (see attached).

Citation: Conard SG, Everett RL, Husari S, Harvey AE, Reeves GH, Saveland JM, Weatherspoon P, Ziemer RR, 1995, Forest Service review of wildfire and salvage logging. USDA Forest Service region 1 In-Service Science review, 46 p.
Topic(s): Post-fire Management, Salvage Logging
Ecosystem(s): None
Document Type: Technical Report or White Paper
NRFSN number: 16301
Record updated: Dec 20, 2017