Fire prevention specialists, fire information officers, trainers, environmental educators, students and other community members—especially teachers—are invited to a free, two-day workshop on the science of wildland fire offered at the Missoula Fire Sciences Lab. The workshop consists of two intense days of entertaining hands-on activities for teaching students about wildland fire behavior, ecology, management and activities related to traditional fire use by Native Americans. 

The “FireWorks” program, a curriculum and traveling trunk, offers approximately 40 hands-on activities about fire behavior, ecology, and management. Content focuses on ecosystems in the Northern Rocky Mountains and North Cascade range, but the program is being adapted for use in other locations, including the Sierra Nevada and the Sage Steppe. The curriculum, revised to include new materials that reflect recent advances in fire research, has activities for every age group K-12, and adult education as well. The FireWorks program has a new website where you can access the curricula, teaching aids, and information about trunks and upcoming events. Check it out at:

Please see the attached flyer with more information on the upcoming workshop. For more information or to enroll, please call or email Ilana Abrahamson at (406) 329-4831,


Event Details

Jun 13 2018, 12am - Jun 14 2018, 12am