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2018 Fire Season Primer Webinar

Organized by the Advanced Fire Environment Learning Unit, this 2018 Fire Season Primer webinar will help you prepare for the upcoming fire season by learning to use existing tools better, learn about new tools and forthcoming changes to weather forecasting. Whether you worked on incidents last season or haven’t been out for a while, this webinar will help you prepare for the coming season.

Webinar Topics include:
Inferred (IR) Data Products
Changes in Weather Forecasting
Exceedance Probability Curve use in assessing risk on incidents
NFDRS 2016 Rollout
Using Unmanned Aircraft (UAS) on incidents

The target audience for this webinar includes Fire Behavior and Fire Weather Specialists including Fire Behavior Analysts, Long-term Analysts, Geospatial Analysts, fire behavior Technical Specialists, IMET, and Predictive Services personnel.

Register for the webinar here.

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