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Journal Articles

John T. Abatzoglou, Daniel J. McEvoy, Nicholas J. Nauslar, Katherine C. Hegewisch, Justin L. Huntington

Scott M. Ritter, Chad M. Hoffman, Michael A. Battaglia, Rodman Linn, William E. Mell

Anthony Vorster, Camille Stevens-Rumann, Nicholas Young, Brian Woodward, Christopher Tsz Hin Choi, Marin Chambers, Anthony S. Cheng, Michael D. Caggiano, Courtney Schultz, Matthew P. Thompson, S. Michelle Greiner, Gregory H. Aplet, Rob Addington, Michael A. Battaglia, Daniel Bowker, Ethan Bucholz, Brian Buma, Paul Evangelista, David W. Huffman, Stephanie E. Mueller, Charles C. Rhoades, William H. Romme, Andrew Sanchez Meador, Wade T. Tinkham, Matt Tuten, Amanda West

Pia Labenski, Michael Ewald, Sebastian Schmidtlein, Faith A. Heinsch, Fabian Ewald Fassnacht

Fernanda Santos, Joseph K. Bailey, Jennifer A. Schweitzer

Christopher A. Pocknee, Sarah Legge, Jane McDonald, Diana O. Fisher

Regional Map