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Webinar & Video Archive

In addition to NRFSN-sponsored webinars and videos, the NRFSN catalogs Northern Rockies-relevant webinars and videos produced by other entities. This webinar archive can be searched by presenter, date, topic, and/or ecosystem type. The archive includes recordings from the Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP), the International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF), the Wildand Fire Lessons Learned Center (WFLLC), Fire Research and Management Exchange System (FRAMES), the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory, the Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative, and other JFSP fire science exchanges.

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This 48-minute video-a tribute to firefighters Shane Heath and Jeff Allen who lost their lives on the 2003 Cramer Fire-tells the story of the learning and healing that occurred on the 2012 Cramer Fire Staff Ride.
Presenter(s): Paul Keller
Date: August 2, 2013
Type: Video
Dr. Matt Reeves presented a webinar on May 14, 2013 on a satellite based fuel updating protocol for estimating surface Fire Behavior Fuel Models for U.S. rangelands. Current fire behavior and decision support systems such as Wildand Fire Decision...
Presenter(s): Matthew C. Reeves
Date: July 17, 2013
Type: Webinar
Vast stands of ponderosa pine stretch across the Gila National Forest, a testament to the role of fire in this corner of the Southwest. For decades, fire managers on the Gila have been reintroducing fire back on to the landscape. This video...
Date: July 16, 2013
Type: Video
IMAGINE aims to solve the issue of technology overload confronting prescribed fire managers today. As the demand to prescribe burn more acres increase, so do the demands on fire management officers (FMOs) to prioritize treatment areas. Prescribed...
Presenter(s): Reginald Goolsby
Date: July 11, 2013
Type: Webinar
A 22-minute video about the dangers of fire whirls.
Presenter(s): Jason M. Forthofer, Bret W. Butler
Date: June 27, 2013
Type: Video
Hosted by the Northwest Fire Science Consortium. Ruddy Mell from the USFS Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Lab in Seattle, WA provides an overview of the current state, limitations, and future developments in wildland and wildland-urban interface fire...
Presenter(s): William E. Mell
Date: June 10, 2013
Type: Webinar
This webinar is the third of a four-part series for managers and scientists to discuss up-to-date information regarding the benefits, challenges, opportunities, and trade-offs among the different strategies and tools related to fuel treatment...
Presenter(s): Jeremy S. Fried, Theresa B. Jain
Date: June 5, 2013
Type: Webinar
This presentation provides background information on existing federal agency fire planning and management activities. Additionally, it discusses opportunities for how tribes and communities can coordinate with fire managers to identify values at...
Presenter(s): Frank K. Lake
Date: May 27, 2013
Type: Webinar
This webinar presents results of an opportunistic study to quantify the performance of thinning and surface fuel treatment in migrating wildfire behavior and severity, as represented by bole char, crown scorch proportion, tree burn severity index,...
Presenter(s): Morris C. Johnson, Maureen C. Kennedy
Date: May 23, 2013
Type: Webinar
During this presentation, Chief Veneris discusses firefighting operations in the wildland-urban interface from a California perspective. He uses information and products from both his department, the California Department of Forestry and Fire...
Presenter(s): Phill Veneris
Date: May 22, 2013
Type: Webinar