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Forest Stewardship Planning Workshop - Libby

Montana State University Extension Forestry is providing several Forest Stewardship Planning Workshops in western Montana.

If you own five acres or more of forest land, this workshop is for you. By identifying your primary goals and concerns, and objectively formulating an action plan based on best available science and biological surveys of your land, you can develop a Forest Stewardship Plan that is nationally accredited and certifiable.

Attend the workshop to learn more about: Forest Ecology; Fire and Insect Hazard Management; Wildlife Habitat Enhancement; Overstory Trees; Understory and Range Management; and Forest Health Assessment and Maintenance.

Workshops are:

May 11-12, and 19 in Great Falls
June 15-16, and 23 in Libby
July 13-14, and 21 in Columbia Falls
August 10-11, and 18 in Thompson Falls