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Finding the Best Available Science on Fire Effects and Fire Regimes in Northwestern and Northern Rockies Ecosystems

FEIS bannerThe Northern Rockies Fire Science Network and Northwest Fire Science Consortium teamed up with Fire Effects Information System (FEIS) staff to introduce new fire regime products and demonstrate new search functions to inform fire management planning and decision-making in the Northwest and Northern Rocky Mountain regions.  

This webinar was recorded. Scroll down for recording.

Recently, FEIS added Fire Regime Reports and Fire Regime Syntheses to their list of fire science products. Fire Regime Reports summarize information from thousands of LANDFIRE Biophysical Settings models, which are grouped according to similarities in vegetation and fire history. Fire Regime Syntheses add comprehensive, thoroughly documented reviews of the science to the Fire Regime Reports. 

New FEIS Fire Regime Syntheses provide the best science available on:

  • historical fire frequency, spatial pattern, and extent
  • historical ignition sources and seasonality
  • historical patterns of fire intensity and severity
  • contemporary changes in fire regimes, especially in relation to changes in fuels, climate, and invasive species

The new FEIS user interface provides easy access to these publications and links them to nearly 1,100 Species Reviews.